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So I figure I would have to do some explainin' sooner or later to the three of you out there who actually listened to the podcast portion of the Bispectacult.

The Bispectacult are dead.

Dafna lives somewhere deep in the mean streets of LA, she got a real job with real goals and aspirations. She works for Entertainment Online and writes some real good stuff for them, you should really check it out.

As for Ivan, well we don't really know what happened to Ivan. Moved up north and I havn't seen or heard for him for a few years. Some say he's returned to nature or some of that crystal loving nonsense. Was always a little too quiet for my liking anyway.

My shortlived replacement, Dave Exiter... let's just say I made sure it was very short lived.

I'm the only one left. Good old Kid Chris. I'm mostly unemployed, and am a college graduate who posseses no desire to go back to school or find a real job. So that makes it very easy to have a blog.

Anyway, the real point im getting at is that me and Dafna have been talking a lot lately and we want to bring back the Bispectacult podcast. She's looking in some strange thing called Skype, and Im looking into getting a computer that I could actually hope to edit a podcast on. So if all things go well, maybe in a less than a few weeks time we'll have a new podcast to post. I wouldn't hold my breath, but then I'm not the optimistic kind.

A few folks asked me why our 1st episode was listed as Episode 2- Electric Boogaloo, well a year before that show was recorded Dafna and I appeared on a UCLA radio show and debated the finer points of Marvel and DC comics. In addition to out normal rage fueled nerd rants, there was musical interludes, two very high college radio station DJ's, a guest appearance by my good friend and future Boom! Studios Editor Ian Brill, and of course, sexual tension (between me and Ian). Still hope to somehow find a recording of that show to one day bring to you guys, but until then, and until me and Dafna devise a plan on how to rise the Bispectacult from the dead, it remains dead. So your stuck with just me.
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...from Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin.

In case you forgot what that's from:

Yeah, I forgot too.
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Apparently Star Trek fans, you are not alone.

Walk into any online forum nowadays and all you see are people who think it's a travesty that their beloved franchises are not being made into exact representations of the source material.

Dragon Ball:

Yes, this is a FANFIC. A poorly written fanfic.

1) The High School plot is COMPLETELY pointless. It's Americanizing a story that DOES NOT NEED TO BE AMERICANIZED. If they insist on school it should be Goku being home schooled by Grandpa Gohan. What would be so bad about that?
2) Goku bullied at High School? Everybody loves Goku (except the villains). The only bullying Goku should ever experience is from Pilaf, Tao, the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, the Androids, Cell, The majins, and sometimes Vegeta. Carey Fuller should not even be in this film.
3) Chi Chi as the it girl? WTF!? Make her that half naked Chinese maiden that we all know and love.
4) The unfaithful look of the characters. Bulma needs full blue hair (believe me, it doesn't look over the top if done right), Master Mutaito needs to be old Asian and with a mustache, Master Roshi needs to be bald with a long beard and mustache with sunglasses, King Piccolo needs to be in a purple gi lime green and with antennas, Goku needs to be wearing his signature blue and orange gi (not casual clothing). Honestly, I've seen better looking cosplayers than the characters in this 100 million dollar budget film!
5) The unfaithful character personalities. Goku should not have to say "I'm not ready for this" unless he's up against Perfect Cell. Bulma needs to be that spunky teenager girl not a Lunch clone, Master Roshi needs to be perverted (This should be Dragon Ball, not some stupid American family film), Mai needs to be clumsy.
6) Where the hell are Piano, Tambourine, Cymbal, Drum? Why are they generic Fullum Assassins.
7) Why isn't the story more faithful?
8) Missing characters. Where the hell is Kami, the Ox King, Pilaf, Oolong (they could have included him but not as a talking animal), and the others?
9) The casting choices are awful for some characters. I really think they could have made better casts for some characters. There are a lot of people who fit the role of Goku better than Justin Chatwin. Why didn't they stick with Chow's choice of Zhang Yuqi for Chi Chi? She fits Chi Chi a lot better than Jamie Chung... Some casting choices are amazing though, like James Marsters as King Piccolo, Randall Kim as Grandpa Gohan, and Chris Sabbat as Shenron

I wont be going to watch this piece of trash movie to the cinema at all. In fact, I think I'll be doing some Signs in the next animecon in Mexico to let the people know about the crimes that are happening here.


I have lost all hope at this point. The commercials are over-acted and over-dramatic, the writing is all wrong, and the casting director should be shot. I am almost certain that I am not going to enjoy this movie at all and I don't like that feeling. Does anyone else feel the same way?

it ruins the fact that everyone can imagine the characters. and besides, there is absolutly no one can be any of the characters exactly.


LOL They keep building hype for this money grab. I'd rather go out and buy another Watchmen graphic novel, just to give more money to Alan Moore, than give a dime to Zack Snyder. Racist piece of garbage

Wolverine Origins:

Actually, couldn't find anyone saying anything bad about this movie. Only how excited they were to see Gambit. Which inevitably reminded me of Dave's Long Box post a few years back.

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I rather enjoyed the the new trailer for Star Trek, so sue me 'Trekkers'.

After reading De's latest post over at the RCR, I feel a little ashamed to call myself a Trek fan.

As someone who has watched and enjoyed most incarnations of the previous Trek, I really don't see this new film as an insult to myself, or as one person put it "my childhood being raped". I see it as what it is, an attempt to give a dying franchise some new legs. Now I know that there are those who will argue that it's a quick refurbish in an attempt to make a buck, but come on, did the loyal Star Trek fans really think they were gonna give them another chance?

After Enterprise it was obvious that the loyal Trek fanbase wasn't enough to keep interest in the show afloat, and that it had become unprofitable in many regards. And this is what Star Trek is, a business. Their job is to market their product and make it appeal to the most amount of people it can, while still trying to maintain some semblance of what made it good in the first place.

I'm sorry nerds, but the honest truth of the matter is that to the norms, Star Trek has a negative connotation to it. It's not like Star Wars, or even (ug) Harry Potter where the concept can appeal to a the greater audience... I think over the years Trekkers, Trekkies and whatever they want to call themselves have in fact alienated others from gaining a larger following in the series due largely to their behavior. Trekkies are seen as social pariahs, and while the comic convention crowd (due largely to the success of Sand Diego Con) has seen an unprecedented shift to mainstream, Trekkies have yet to make that leap.

So no, the movie is not being made for the die hard fans. Yes, it is an attempt to reach a larger audience by forgoing canon, adding Star Wars like action, and otherwise neglecting aspects that many loyal trek fans would prefer be included or vice versa.

Anyway, watch this. You've probably definitely seen it before. William Shatner's Get a Life.

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Hey, I realized soon after last week's Comics on Craigslist post that the links i send you to will soon expire. I'll have to get Dafna to figure out a way to make the links somehow viewable far down the line... she's the brains of this operation, I'm just the eye candy.

ATLANTA, GA- CGC your comics ! Local Authorized Dealer Available - $16 (Lilburn, GA)- Is that $20,000 in real dollars, or speculation fueled 'if people bought all these 9.8 Civil War: Frontlines #1's then I'd have 20,000 dollars' dollars? If it's not obvious, I'm no fan of the CGC... but at least Odin comics, with 2 locations in Lilburn and Snellville (laff), has the good humor to acknowledge them as slabs.

DALLAS, TX- AVENGER WEST COAST - $50- I'm fairly certain an entire run of Avenger's West Coast does not fetch $50 dollars, so issue 77 shouldn't be worth that even if it does feature Sattanish. Also what's the deal with needing 4 pictures of the same cover? I see that your a very handsome young man, but one picture would have probably done the trick.

PHOENIX, AZ- HUGE BOX OF IMAGE COMICS - $75- From the looks of this fellow's collection, it looks like for a long time Image was only publishing First issues.

HONOLULU, HA- Read the Comics while Surfing this Board - Honestly, why the hell would you even bother to learn something cool like surfing if your just gonna dork in up by surfing on a board made of comics.

BOSTON, MA- ps3 mortal combat marval comics game - $80- Can't even look at this ad without my brain hurting. I assume he means to say it's that MK vs DC game that no one really cares about. I know that the internet has nothing but lousy spellers, but come on he spelled Marvel with and A, knew instead of new, and Kombat with a C.

Unfortunately no two-fers this week, but there are plenty o' people looking to trade with or for comic books.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN- TATTOOS FOR COMIC BOOKS+MORE- Been itching to get that Wolverine tatoo but have no money. The solution is simple stupid, just trade in your Wolverine Comics collection for ink on your arm. What's that? You never actually read any Wolverine comics and just think he's super cool from that aweful early 90's cartoon, aweful movies and mostly aweful video games... well that's probably for the best then.

DALLAS- TX- Trade these for your comics - $1- Given up on trying to get in shape, or learn how to play the guitar, or trying to pick up chicks on your motorcycles. Don't worry, comics will never mock you. Comics will never laugh at your horribly undefined arms, as your fingers clumsely stumble through the first tabs of Foo Fighters "Everlong" for the girl your trying to impress who you said you would teach to ride a motorcycle. Loser.

EDIT: Just realized that the guitar featured is in fact a toy Guitar Hero guitar. So the statement stands. Loser.

DALLAS- TX- Trade comic book collection for aquarium - $300- I guess if your tired at looking at dumb fish all day and would rather put your eyetracks all over some comics, give this guy a call.

PHOENIX- AZ- TRADE MY COLLECTIBLES FOR ......- A tortoise? A fucking tortoise? Who would trade a reptile (and yes, they are reptiles) for comics? Also, what the hell do you need with ammo, a vacuum, cologne... and a tortoise? This does not auger well.


DETROIT, MI- Boys underwear size 4/4T many pairs gently worn no stains- Only reason this was flagged was because apparently some of the underwear being sold is comic book related. I can only hope the conversation to pick up this item doesn't sound like this.
"Hi, i want to pick up the young boys underwear"
"Oh yes, there's about 17 pair"
"You mentioned in the ad that they were gently worn."
"So they were worn?"
"Good, i'll be there soon."
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According to sources, the Star Trek trailer is attached to this weekend's sure-to-be-blockbuster-(in my pants)hit Quantum of Solace. Unfortunately Kid Chris' theater didn't get a copy (those bastards), so hopefully this crappy cell phone camera partial recording will do. If he doesn't want to sit through the entire, somewhat leaden, heavy on the origin story stylings, I've screencapped the the most important bit above.

Yes. I have my priorities. I suspect that's why Kid Chris and I get along so well. That and the extreme distance of lack of actual human interaction. That helps too.
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Firstly, buy a PC. Secondly, there appears to be a problem with the Bispectacult homepage that only Mac users can see right now. Apparently (I can't see it because I don't have a Mac) there are innapropriate links scattered throughout my webpage, mostly on this morning's post, that can only be viewed with a Mac.

Though I can neither confirm nor deny that these links are there, I take it on good faith from my friends that they're not running some sort of elaborate hoax on me.

If anyone not on a Mac can see these links, or vice versa, please email me at

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Lighting your American Spirit brand cigarettes with an official Flaming Carrot Comics Zippo brand lighter.


Be the coolest kid in town when envious chums ask, "hey wasn't that character a member of the blockbuster film and superhero group of the same name, Mystery Men?" And you can smugly reply yes*.

Now, the only thing cooler I can think of would be a John Byrne's Next Men shot glass.

*character does not actually appear in film.
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Here's the noteworthy stuff of the books I picked up this week:

Detective 850- The conclusion of the Heart of Hush storyline that's a prequel to all the R.I.P stuff happening in Morrison's Batman. I'm sorry, but Hush is just not a villain I can get excited about... even when he was introduced nothing interested me about Batman fighting a wannabe Unknown Soldier. Now if Batman had been fighting the real Unknown Soldier then we'd have something. I think the way DC handled the return of Jason Todd, after giving us the red herring of Hush has always left the character with a bad taste in my mouth. That is not to say I didn't enjoy Loeb's Batman: Hush, I just always thought the reveal of Dr. Elliot, a character introduced within the arc, as Hush was a bit anti-climactic, and then to be followed by the hasty return of Jason Todd as the Red Hood just seemed a bit cluttered. Anyway Hush removes Catwoman's heart to make Batman sad, then he get's beaten up, then everything returns to status quo.

Booster Gold 14- A continuation of last month's issue where Starro the Conquerer has lived up to his name, and has indeed conquered earth. Booster is humanity's only hope and with the help of Lady Chronos and very humerous cameo of Mr. Freeze, Booster set's things straight. Booster Gold continues to be one of my favorite DC series being published right now and this issue does not disapoint.

Wolverine 69- The story arc that perked my interest back into the Wolverine series a few months ago is starting to test my patience. I feel like Mark Millar watched the Road Warrior five or six times, got really excited and decided to write Old Man Logan. In all fairness, it's not that bad for a Wolverine story and at least you get to see a pacifistic Wolverine out of his element in a post-apocalyptic world filled with violence.

Walking Dead 54- The series has finally done something that I thought it would never do, introduced a character I actually like and would enjoy seeing live through the Zom-pocalypse.

A few of the other things I picked up:
Fables 78- Good read.
Trinity 24- Meh, s'alright. Liked the GL/Despero story in the back.
Green Arrow & Black Canary- So Connor is now Wolverine?
B.P.R.D The Warning 5- Fun, as always.